A new kind of science

He made his PhD in at the age of Before one gets into discussing the specifics of particular computational processes, one can just study the simple but pure things one finds in the computational universe. But somehow mathematics picks the islands where theorems can actually be proved—often particularly priding itself on places close to the sea of undecidability where the proof can only be done with great effort. Since this new field concerns abstract rules, it can in principle address issues relevant to other fields of science.

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I read this book years ago and gave it a five remembering how beautiful the ideas were. Even something as simple as that will often be undecidable. What will the world look like when more of what we have is mined from the computational universe?

As a layman, I sense that he is on to something here, but extends it too far. Consequently, most systems are computationally equivalent. Well, in our current biological existence, we have all sorts of constraints and features that give us goals and purposes.

A New Kind of Science - Wikipedia

Imagine talking to someone from a thousand years ago and trying to explain that people in the future would be walking on treadmills every day, or continually sending photographs to their friends. Wolfram argues that the computational realities of the universe make science hard for fundamental reasons.

I certainly glossed over portions of this book, but Scince thoroughly enjoyed it overall. He posits that the computational process in the brain of the being with free will is actually complex enough so that it cannot be captured in a simpler computation, due to the principle of computational irreducibility. When I wrote A New Kind of Science I viewed it in no small part as an effort to break away from the use of mathematics—at least as a foundation for science.

Back when the book appeared, some people were skeptical nsw this. In fact, computational irreducibility implies that it can be arbitrarily difficult. For example, he accuses biologists of believing that natural selection propels lineages of organisms towards "optimal" designs - think cheetahs with warp drives.

There are models to be made of all sorts of systems. The New York Times. We ov that in doing the things we humans do, we operate with certain goals or purposes. A Year View—Stephen Wolfram". He made his PhD in at the age of And, yes, it helps that systems like cellular automata make obvious visual patterns, that for example one can even find in nature say on mollusc shells.

Wcience Learning for Middle Schoolers.

How the cheetah got his spots

I also had some strong issues with Wolfram's discussion on natural selection, as well as his discussion of intelligence and life he would have benefited from a reading of Maturana and Varela. I have to admit that I did not read the plus pages. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Another common theme is taking facts about the computational universe as a whole and using them to reason about fields in a holistic svience.

Let the book stimulate your brain and enjoy the sensation.

The second issue is the su Wow, this is a huge book. Neither do we need to dwell on Wolfram's specific objections to natural selection, because they sccience stem, one way or another, from stunning misunderstandings. A New Kind of Science argues that this is evidence that simple programs are enough to capture the essence of almost any complex system.

A New Kind of Science

In retrospect I consider it incredibly lucky that all those years ago I happened to have the right interests and the right skills to actually try what is in a sense the most basic experiment in the computational universe: He has a younger brother, Conrad. A World of Discovered Technology What will the world look like when more of what we have is mined from the computational universe?

Unfortunately w other message he seems to scoence to communicate is how amazing Stephen Wolfram is, and the ego can get in the way of the science through-out this voluminous work.

May 05, John rated it really liked it Shelves: Or scienxe there be fundamental new features that appear, that we humans consider interesting? A New Kind of Science 3. This book, while an interesting read with a lot of good background material on all kinds of science related topics, doesn't seem to achieve its goal of truly revolutionizing the way science is approached.

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